This article is to share how to recover from Windows 10 Black screen issue after applying windows updates.

Note: The following happened while I was updating my laptop. The situation can be different for individuals and below workaround may or may not work for you.

Also make sure you have the backup of your data.

What happened…

Windows 10 booting stuck with black screen after applying updates

The laptop restarted for applying the feature update 1909. The system booting halted to a Black screen. Even after 1 hour, there was no state change.

I did power reset of the laptop and still the same.

What did I do to fix it…

I tried power reset couple of times and finally the windows 10 repair option turned out.

The first option I tried was to automatically repair and it failed.

The second option was to reset the system keeping the files. But the process failed at 20 percent.

Again, I tried full reset with option to remove all the files. Surprisingly that too failed at 2 percent which should not happen.

Now the only option left was to clean install the operating system again.

Before attempting that, I went through the repair options and tried the recovery point restore. Since the reset option failed, I had no hope for this. I could see few restore points in the list and selected the one with time stamp before I did windows update.

The recovery point restoration ran for a couple of hours and finally the operating system came back to life with previous version of Windows 10.

Hope this is helpful to you and thank you for reading the article.