Installing drivers for windows is very time consuming when the driver package contain multiple devices/models files with all possible platform architecture(x86, x64, etc.).

We can leverage the pnputil.exe tool to perform the installation fast and easy.

Consider a scenario of a multiple drivers packed to an iso image. Below script will install all the required drivers.

# Mount the driver iso image
Mount-DiskImage D:\Driver\drivers-windows.iso

# Get the mount point/drive letter, considering that the above one is the only disk mounted
$isoMount = (Get-DiskImage -DevicePath \\.\CDROM0  | Get-Volume).DriveLetter

# Find the inf files and install
Get-ChildItem "$($isoMount):\" -Recurse -Include *.inf | ForEach-Object {
     pnputil /add-driver $_.FullName /install 

Running the script would update all the drivers which are meant for your system hardware.

Hope you like this article and thank you for reading.