Get [email protected] email account for FREE!!!

Yes, its true. If you own a domain, then you can get free email accounts for your domain without providing any credit card information. There are many email service provider out there where we can choose from. But you need to pay for the account.

Zoho Corporation provide reliable email service with “FOREVER FREE PLAN” for up to 5 users with the mailbox size of 5GB/user and 25MB/user attachment quota. If we need to have more than 5 accounts, then we need to purchase their paid service which starts from $1/user. Appreciate Zoho for providing this service.

In this article, we will see how to sign up for the email service and configure our email accounts for FREE.

Step-1 : Sign-Up @ Zoho

Open web browser and signup @

Select “Business Email” and click “SIGN UP FOR FREE”

Click on signup.

Enter your domain name and click “Add” button.

Enter Name, Mobile number, password, contact email and administrator account.

  • Provide existing email as Contact Email and your mobile number.
  • Administrator Account is the first email account created and has the admin privilege

Agree to the “Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” and click on Proceed.

Click on “SIGN UP”

You will receive one time password in your mobile. Enter the OTP and verify your mobile number by clicking “VERIFY MY MOBILE”.

Update the time zone now or it can be configured later.

Wait till the account gets created.

Step-2 : Basic Configurations

2.1 : Domain Verification

We will verify the domain by TXT record verification. Select manual verification method for domain verification and your respective DNS provider.

The web page will show the detailed step to follow for domain verification.

Open the DNS management window and add the TXT record as per the above screenshot.

Save the record and wait some time for the record to replicated.

Open command prompt and verify by the command

nslookup -type=txt

After the TXT record is visible, click on “Verify by TXT” button in the Zoho mail webpage.

Now the domain is verified. Click on Create Account to proceed.

2.2 User and Group Configuration

Skip through other configuration window. All settings such as user creation, groups can be configured later.

Click on “Skip” button

2.3 DNS MX Record Creation

As per the details given, MX record has to be created in the DNS.

Create 3 MX records in DNS and verify by clicking “MX Lookup” button.

Please wait for a while and Verify MX record by using the command

nslookup -type=mx

Click on the “MX Lookup” button in the Zoho Mail configuration page to confirm MX record and click on “Next” to proceed.

If lookup fails, wait for a while and try again.

Skip through the remaining pages. The settings SPF and DKIM can be configured later

Basic setup is completed. Click on “Go to Zoho Workplace”.

Click on “I’ll do it later” and then click mail icon to access your mailbox

Your email account is ready. To confirm, send a test mail to your personal email.

Step-3 : Account Settings

To access the control panel, click on “My Profile” button in the top right corner of the mailbox page.

Click “Control Panel” button to access the administration control panel

3.1 Configure SPF Record

Navigate to SPF settings in the Control Panel

Create TXT record in DNS as mentioned above. Refer section 2.1 for adding TXT record to DNS.

Once the TXT record is created, wait for a while and verify the same by clicking on the “Verify” button in the SPF page.

What is SPF ?

3.2 Configure DKIM Record

Navigate to DKIM settings in the Control Panel

Click on the Edit button and add new selector by clicking “Add Selector” link.

Enter the Selector Name and click Save button.

Create TXT record in DNS as mentioned above. Refer section 2.1 for adding TXT record to DNS.

Once the TXT record is created, wait for a while and verify the same by clicking on the “Verify” button in the DKIM page.

What is DKIM ?

[email protected] email id is ready for use. You can setup additional emails accounts in the control panel.

Using Zoho mail app, You can configure email in your mobile. You can download the app from

Also there is a desktop mail app by Zoho for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. You can download it at

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Thank you for reading this article. Hope this is helpful to you.