Unable to remove a plugin in WordPress site?

Issue: Unable to remove a plugin from the WordPress Admin Portal.

Please follow below steps to delete the plugins from WordPress.

    Hosting Details:
    Environment: Bitnami WordPress
    Hosting: Google Cloud Platform

Step – 1

Login to google cloud platform console and navigate to compute engine and click on VM Instance

Navigate to the VM instance as shown in the red box 1 >> 2 >> 3

Step – 2

Click on SSH to connect to the Virtual Machine console

A new browser window opens with SSH shell to the Linux virtual machine

Clear the console

Step – 4

Navigate to the WordPress folder path

cd /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins

Step – 5

List all the items inside the plugin folder

ls -al

Delete the folder with the name of the plugin

sudo rm wp-optimize -r -f

Once the folder is deleted, exit from the console window

Now go back to the WordPress web console. Log off and Log in back again.

Navigate to plugins option. The plugin is gone.

Thank you for reading my post. Hope this is helpful to you.